Top Music Streaming Apps for Android

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Looking for Top Free Music Streaming Apps for your Android device ?? If yes,then you are at the right place :)  
So, lets get your work done. Here's the list of top music apps for android devices (results are made after going through various sites and also considering the reviews from some very enthusiastic users of music apps for android devices.) 

Top Online Music Streaming Apps For Android 

1.Apple Music

Apple Music is one of the best music streaming apps available in the market.It includes around 30 million songs in addition with playlists,a 24/7 live radio plus you can add your own music and stream it to your device.Apple Music also allows you to follow your favourite artists and be aware of what they are upto next.Furthermore,it has various plans which includes monthly plan,student plan,individual plan and also a family plan(supporting 6 family members).This app is a must try for your device.



iHeartRadio is one of the most popular music+radio apps for android devices.It has lots of stations to listen to which includes its iHeartRadio station as well.You can get almost any sort of music which you want to listen any mood,genre even occasional  songs can also be played at anytime. The best thing about this music app is that it's Free to use(include ads)
For those who want to get a better experience can get the app for $5.99 and for the best features it becomes $12.99 which includes MUSIC ON DEMAND. 

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Not a popular radio app but since it boasts of having 1000 radio channels to tune to and more to it is every channel is customizable by the listener. You will be having a rating system,unlilmited skips plus you can even songs and artists from your station(thats something really awesome reason to have this app).


4.Pandora Radio

The ultimate Pandora Radio is probably the best radio app for android devices.This app is popular for streaming random music anywhere all you need is to have the app on your device.The most amazing feature of this app is to allow users to "create their own stations".The criteria of doing so can be around any specific point,it can be your favourite artists,genre oreven songs.One can get ad free experience at $4.99 per month and if you want to enjoy the app at its full capacity you can get it at $9.99/month which also includes "MUSIC ON DEMAND".

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SiriusXM  was one of the first pushes away from the traditional AM and FM radio trends.It has over 150 channels which includes music channels,sports channels and The Howard Stern Show.To choose from you will be having 3 subscription plans depending on what type of content you want to listen to.
The app is upgrading from its initial stages and becoming better and  more enjoyable but i would suggest not to expect a perfect experience but still you can try,it is one of those traditional radio apps.



Spotify is one more Music App for android that has radio oriented music streaming.
Beside having traditional speciality it also provide you a collection and unique playlists like "Worlwide top 50" and some rare playlists as well,which are not so easy to find.The free version provide you almost all the basic features but it also includes ads. To enjoy adfree service you need to subscribe to $9.99 plan,removing ads and adding extra  features. 


7.TuneIn Radio

TuneIN radio contains a unique variety of stations which includes all kinds of Music,Comedy,Talk,Sports,News and much more from media.The free versions comes with over 100,000 stations(in total) + several millions of podcasts.The premium content includes much more than the above mentioned things. With tha TuneIN Radio's premium plan you can get live NFL,Barclays Premiere League games,Audiobooks,MLB and also you will get an adfree experience as well.The prices vary as per your region of residence.
It is not only limited to Music but also an small but powerful package of entertainment.


8.XiiaLive Internet Radio

XiiaLive radio app is one of the very rare apps but it has some really brilliant features.It has more than 50000 live radio stations,alongwith it you can save your favourite stations,themes,data management features. Beside all these you can add URL link,you will be having an equalizer plus Bluetooth options.The best thing is that you can get it free. 


9. Radio Online

Radio Online is a conventional radio app.It features a vast number of stations to listen to,which includes almost all sort of music streaming whenever you want to.Radio Online includes both Online as well as some FM stations. On the pro version you will be having some extra features like radio recording,a sleep timer and much more.The best thing about this app is that you get what it says.Moreover,it is very simple app to be used. 


10.Jango Radio

Jango is free online music streaming service,it allows you to create and share custom radio stations.
You can select artists to which you want to listen,remaining is done by the app itself.It analyses your selection and streams music from similar artists.Further,you can rate songs and have a say to which songs you want to listen and which you want your app to stream.


Hope you will love trying the above mentioned apps.They are the Top most online music streaming apps available for android devices.